The central team at Ever Business Solutions works on preserving the company standards while efficiently operating through several departments and units.

Samer hobeika

Managing Director 

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Samer loves keeping his hands full by participating in the business development, marketing operations, and customer experience strategies. His continuous dedication enabled Ever Business Solutions to operate today in 9 countries around the globe.

Mouine Alayane

Admin & Finance 

With around a decade of experience in finance, Mouine is the person handling the company's accounting, finance, and compliance. He is the person making sure all financial operations are running clearly and smoothly while abiding by the company's systems and regulations.

tony farhat

services delivery

Responsible for the PMO department, Tony is the solutions driver person bridging the gap between business and technology, with expertise in managing complex programs and multiple concurrent projects. Tony ensures to provide tangible results in ERP Systems and Digital Transformation.

Jihad Matta

Human Resources

As the Human Resources Manager, Jihad provides strategic support to employees at Ever Business Solutions. His main specialty is to ensure the recruitment of the best resources in the region, in addition to improving the employees' skills and talents for a better company.


commercial & channels 

With around 10 years of regional sales and consultancy experience in the MENA region and Europe, Roy's expertise consists of cross-culture and international experience, crisis management, and resilience. Roy stands out in analyzing and solving problematic situations by treating complex situations.

Ronald Cortbaoui


Having significant experience and a proven record covering many levels of IT consultancy, Ronald is an extremely talented individual who is self-motivated and enthusiastic with a remarkable background in IT. His capacity covers many levels of IT including consultancy, security, and much more.



Having extensive knowledge of programming languages and software development, Jaafar applies engineering principles to every stage of the development process, from requirements analysis to the software process, to create customized systems for individual clients.

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