Get to know our board members and have a glimpse of their backgrounds and expertise.
"Together, we work on preserving our standards and achieving the best results."

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Antoine HRAOUI

Chairman of the board

Starting his career in large companies based in the USA and France, Antoine was able to acquire almost 4 decades of multinational experience allowing him to become one of the most resolute and aspiring figures in the industry.

He first invested in Everteam Global Services and transformed it from a French SME to a leading European Information Technology group -  now Intalio,  working in parallel with Ever Business Solutions, to offer 360-degree tailored solutions for industries and organizations of all types.

Through successful strategic development, constant growth and sustainable leadership, Antoine proudly represents Ever Business Solutions as the Chairman of its Board. 

ever business solutions

Samer Hobeika

Board Member & Managing Director

Since the beginning of his career in a large Internet company, Samer found his passion in the immense world of technology, where he was able to equip himself with knowledge and expertise fueling his vision towards the future. With his limitless ambitions, Samer founded Ever Business Solutions as a response to the crucial need for process management and resources planning in modern-day business.

Samer is keen on participating in the business development, business operations and customer experience strategies, forming the company's core standards and values.

His continuous dedication enabled Ever Business Solutions to operate today in 9 different countries between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, providing each market with the appropriate products and leading solutions. 

ever business solutions

Bilal HMEDEh

Board Member

Starting as a technical specialist in the IT sector, Bilal quickly accumulated knowledge and credibility within the company to become the Executive Vice President at Intalio and Board Member at Ever Business Solutions.

His Global perspective allowed him to turn every opportunity into a profitable project, making him a recognized expert in his field and the VP on the board of trustees for the Lebanese IT Syndicate.

Today, Bilal navigates through complex endeavors and ensures long-term success through proactive leadership in the MEA/GCC sales and business development.

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